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The Deep Dive Retreat will take you on a journey for inner transformation










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A place where modern science and ancient wisdom will ignite the shift you've been looking for.

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Next Dates

January 2 - 7, 2025


Based on the latest fasting science,

we've designed a 100% plant-based seasonal menu

that will drive your body

into a state of self-repair and regeneration.


The Fasting Mimicking Diet has been scientifically proven

to slow down aging and boost immunity.


Fasting has never been so delicious!


Daily periods of contemplative and restorative silence

to awaken insight, clarity and inner peace.


Combining awareness-based meditation, nature walks and journaling prompts to unravel our mental and emotional conditioning.


"In an age of movement, nothing is more critical than stillness."

-Pico Iyer.

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Deep Dive within a safe and loving space,

held by the pristine environment of Amara Valley.


Surrounded by nature, forest, birds and soft mountain peaks, you will be supported and looked after within our cosy and traditional retreat center.


The ideal place to comfortably disconnect from the rush of the world, and reconnect with yourself.


6:30    -    Metabolic measurements

7:00    -    Sunrise Nature Walk

8:15     -    Synergy Flow Yoga

9:45     -    Breakfast in silence

Silence, Sauna & Inner Work

13:30   -    Lunch in silence

15:00   -   Wellness Workshop

16:30   -    Sharing Circle

18:00   -   Dinner

19:00   -   Ceremony

The program also includes a Cacao Ceremony, Guidance on Fasting and Nutrition, Nature Walks, Inner-Work Workshops, Ecstatic Dance, Sauna, Breath-Work, Journaling Exercises, and plenty of downtime.

Additional healing therapies such as massage or individual coaching will also be available for booking.




I have been able to ground myself with my own needs within all aspects of my life and go back home filled with love.


The Deep Dive Retreat gave me the body, mind and spirit reset I needed. 


The Deep Dive Retreat was an absolute godsend. If you want to give yourself some love and renewed energy, go!

By following 5 days of the Fasting Mimicking Diet, the body enters a deep state of ketosis and regeneration. We offer the option to measure blood glucose and blood ketones during the retreat, to understand the physiological shift towards fat-based metabolism and cellular repair.

The graph below shows that our participants enter a therapeutic zone of ketosis, with an average Glucose-Ketone Index (GKI) below 3.

GKI graph.PNG

Average data from Deep Dive Retreat, January 2022, 25 participants

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Ben Dessard

Retreat Architect

Fasting & Nutrition Workshops

Synergy Flow Yoga, Meditation Guide


Carlota Amargós

Head Chef

Cacao Ceremony

morgan headshot.jpg

Morgan Hubbard Palmer

Breath Work, Synergy Flow Yoga, Meditation Guide


Julia Adhara

Martial Artist

Ritual Holder and Ayurvedic Therapist


Leon Peña

Inner Work

Space Creator and Shamanic Slut

Prices include all activities, meals and accommodation, but not additional treatments such as massage or individual coaching sessions.

A range of accommodation is available, from shared quad rooms to private suites.


Prices begin at € 595.

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