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The Deep Dive Experience

Together, we consciously work to awaken our natural potential to heal and feel deeply alive.

The Deep Dive Retreat is a carefully crafted journey based on the scientific and Yogic understanding of human health and wellbeing.

In this blog post, we explore how the 3 pillars of the Deep Dive generate incredible benefits for the modern human, as well as how to cultivate these practices in our daily life for optimal wellbeing and vitality.

We are Consciousness (Shiva) & Energy (Shakti)

At a fundamental level, we are the fusion of awareness with energy, which allows us to consciously experience this life on Earth.

This Energy is the vital force, the prana that sustains and heals our body for vibrant health, which further supports a "clearer" expression of Consciousness.

In Yogic terms, this undisturbed and therefore subtler experience of life is described as Sattvic.

This state has a taste of joy, acceptance, openness, intimacy and compassion.

Freeing Prana

Fasting and Silence "free up" prana from mental and biological distractions.

Mental distractions include unconscious, repetitive and mainly negative self-talk, but also technological and social over-stimulations.

Biological distractions come mainly from excessive and unnecessary digestive work that create a cascade of downstream effects on all systems of the body (immune system, neurological system, hormonal and reproductive system, etc.).

These distractions "drain" the vital force, and therefore accelerate the aging process, characterized by chronic disease and mental un-rest.

Natural Healing Awakened

In addition to removing the above "distractions", the Deep Dive Experience re-aligns our natural order.

Forest walks, sunrise meditations, hot & cold therapy, and intermittent fasting all reset our circadian clock.

This bodily "harmonization" helps us direct our consciousness towards the body, towards the food we eat, towards our interactions in the present moment.

And as we know, where attention (Shiva) goes, energy (Shakti) flows.

We start to experience a healing process that can be described and measured through scientific terms and tools (reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress, improved insulin sensitivity, etc.).

And this healing is also directly experienced through a sense of clarity, an openness to connection (to self and others), and a naturally bubbling feeling of joy and enthusiasm.

The Deep Dive Formula

Our retreat arc is designed around 3 pillar practices: Fasting, Silence, and Ceremony.

Combining these elements in the right dose, at the right time, leads to a profoundly meaningful experience.

After 6 day, the participants have a direct "knowing" of the power of these ancient practices.

The benefits and insights generated during the retreat can be prolonged by incorporating these pillars into our daily lives.

In the sections below, I suggest the best ways to implement Fasting, Silence and Ceremony into your life.

Bringing Depth into Your Life


1 - Intermittent Fasting

Practice daily, leaving a 12-14 hour gap between breakfast and dinner.

PRO TIP: emphasize moving dinner earlier, rather than breakfast later.

2 - 24-hour Fast

Practice 1 - 4 times per month, ingesting only water and herbal teas for 24-36 hours.

PRO TIP: schedule in advance on days with lower workload.

3 - Prolonged Fast

Practice 2 - 4 times per year, using a 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet or other adequate protocols.

PRO TIP: do with a group for support, either online or in person.


1 - Quiet in Nature

Take time to watch the sunrise, listen to the birds, walk on the beach, or any calm activity you can do in Nature.

PRO TIP: choose something simple and easily accessible.

2 - Breath Meditation

Sitting or lying down, feel and observe the natural, unobstructed flow of breath down into the abdomen.

PRO TIP: start with short, regular periods and gradually increase to longer meditations.

3 - Intentional Thinking

Reflect and journal on your life, wellbeing and relationships.

PRO TIP: ask yourself the right questions, and work with a coach if necessary.


1 - Mealtime

Create your own ritual before each meal, in order to heal our relationship with food and improve digestion.

PRO TIP: Let prayer come spontaneously, or be silent while relaxing your body.

2 - Symbolic Rituals

Using fire, water, music, the elements or cosmic beings such as the Earth, Moon and Sun, invite a sacred flavor to infuse your daily life.

PRO TIP: create an altar in your house for your daily ritual.

3 - Plant Medicine Circles

The use of plants such as cacao, cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, san pedro or ayahuasca can provide deep insights, when done under the right guidance and setting.

PRO TIP: focus on the integration process rather than frequent use.

Growing Together

Belonging to a community of like-minded people is essential for sustained progress in the right direction.

By regularly engaging together in the pillars of Fasting, Silence and Ceremony, we strengthen our brotherhood and sisterhood on the path to health and happiness.

At Amara Valley, we commit to providing regular Deep Dive Retreats as a way to create a safe space for our collective development. More info and bookings available here.

If you prefer to fast in the comfort of your own home, I also lead online programs every 3 months with the world-class Wellness Retreat Aro-Ha. You can find more information about the Seasonal Renew here.

Whether you choose one of these options, or any other collective experiences, I wish you a beautiful and enlightening journey!

Blessings & Love,


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